Area (Department or Program)


Applied Anthropology Max Sage
Patricia Halleran
Applied Economics Tu (Becky) Nguyen
Applied Ethics Bjorn Kristensen
Biochemistry & Biophysics Nathan Waugh
Botany & Plant Pathology Patrick Bennett
Chemical, Biological, & Environmental Engineering Rich Hilliard
Chemistry Ross Overacker
College of Earth, Ocean, & Atmospheric Science Alejandra Sanchez
Brendan Reilly
Juan Muglia
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Beatrice Moissinac
Brent Carmer
Nicholas Nelson
Sean McGregor
Shaan Sengupta
Spencer Leuenberger
Vahid Ghadakchi
Environmental Sciences David Demaree
Forest Ecosystems & Society Jesse Engebretson
Forest Engineering, Resources, & Management Adrian Gallo
Hatfield Marine Science Center Miram Gleiber
 Horticulture Kyoo Park
Human Development & Family Science Meghann Fenn
Terese Jones
Integrative Biology Emily Khazan
Trang Dang
Mathematics Sarah Erickson
Material Science Okan Agirseven
MIME Jessie Armstrong
Nuclear Science & Engineering Emory Colvin*
Nutrition Mayra Crespo Bellido
Physics Heather Hill
James Haggerty
Public Policy Daniel Gray
Sara Chonaiew
School of Psychological Science Haley Allemand
Science, Math, & Computer Science Education Allison Dorko
Soil Science Trang Nguyen
Speech Communication Chelsey Williams
Statistics Kalbi Zongo
Trevor Ruiz
Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Sanju G. C.

*Appointed by the CGE Executive Council

Stewards are apportioned on the basis of one for every fifteen (15) eligible members, or a major fraction thereof, in each area, with each area having at least one steward. The full list of areas for representation can be found here.