The Steward Council

The CGE Steward Council is an elected body of representatives that works to build and strengthen our union.  The internal organizational and communications structure provided by the Steward Council is essential to building the strength of our union and winning better contracts for all of us.  Here are some of the things CGE Stewards do for CGE:

  • Represent their departments/academic areas within the union. Stewards are in a position to know the priorities and needs of the members of their department and can also help plan events that are relevant and accessible to members of their department. This includes representing their department by attending CGE Steward Council meetings twice per quarter.  
  • Talk to non-members about joining CGE. High membership leads to a better contract, which leads to better working conditions. Making sure everyone has the chance to make an informed decision about joining CGE  is essential.
  • Maintain a visible CGE presence. Keep CGE materials on hand, maintain your department’s bulletin board, and distribute information and materials to CGE members.
  • Bridge the gap between members and officers. This includes being able to answer basic questions about the contract and the union, keeping members informed about what the rest of CGE is doing, identifying members interested in being more active and connecting members with involvement opportunities.
  • Help conduct fall orientations. Orientations are often the first contact incoming grads have with CGE, and it’s important that they know that CGE is both here and relevant.


Steward Council Elections

Steward Council elections are held each Spring Term.  The elections are conducted online and proceed through a few phases.

  • Areas.  The first week of every Spring Term, a list of Areas for representation is distributed by the CGE Executive Council (EC).  Any member may appeal to the EC if they don’t feel that their Area is represented.
  • Nominations. Nominations are accepted in writing to or from the floor of the Spring General Membership Meeting (GMM).  When nominations are opened (on April 11 this year), every CGE member will receive an email letting them know their area for representation, how many stewards they are entitled to, and details on how to make nominations.  Members may nominate themselves or any member from any area as a Steward.  However, members may only vote within their assigned Area.  If a member objects to the Area they have been assigned for representation, they may appeal to the EC. Nominations close April 28.
  • Elections. Elections are conducted via a secure, anonymous online platform. At the opening of elections (May 2), each member in an Area where a nomination has been received will be sent an email with the link to the election and instructions for voting. Voting closes May 5.
  • Results.  Steward Council election results are announced shortly after voting closes.  The new Steward Council will take office May 22 and serve for one year.