Today, the seven-member Grievance Review Committee met to review the facts surrounding our grievance over the $34 summer session tuition base charge that was levied on our members this summer.  For those unfamiliar with this grievance, more information can be found here.

After hearing our case for the grievance and what we expect to be the OSU administration’s case, the GRC voted unanimously to send the grievance to arbitration, pending the administration’s response at step 3 of our grievance process, for which the deadline is Feb. 2.  CGE has notified the administration of the GRC’s vote, and we have informed them that we are willing to discuss a settlement to this grievance outside of the arbitration process.

If our efforts to settle with the administration fail, however, this will be the first grievance CGE has ever taken to arbitration.  Should that become necessary, we are confident that we will prevail based on the strength of our case.

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