The CGE membership voted resoundingly last night to approve the tentative agreement between CGE and OSU on a contract to carry us through the 2011-12 academic year. Though an additional 27 ballots were cast by members whose eligibility to vote could not be determined, the contract was ratified since the 42 affirmative votes by confirmed BU members already constituted a strong majority. The additional 27 votes will be screened for eligibility once CGE receives the full and complete BU list from the administration, and those deemed eligible will be added to the final tally.

The new contract will be posted on the CGE website as soon as it is signed by the parties. All Grad assistants should expect to see the financial gains earned in this contract (85% health care contribution from OSU, $300-per-term fee differential, selective 3% salary increases) in their October paychecks. Grads who do not see these benefits in October should contact CGE immediately.

With the new contract in place, CGE will now turn it’s attention to several matters we have identified as being of utmost importance this year, including organizing hard to build our membership numbers in preparation for bargaining in 2010, working on both local and state levels to reduce or eliminate fees for grads at OSU, and working to give grad fellows at OSU the opportunity to receive the same health care that OSU’s grad assistants receive. If you want to join the fight on any of these issues, make sure to contact us. The more support we have from grads, the more progress we can make.