In attendance: Mindy Crandall, Shannon Andrews; officers-elect Kris Osterloh, Gloria Ambrowiak; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon

No quorum was reached. We started around 10:10 AM.


Arbitration Debrief – The fair-share rate challenge hearing was yesterday. Both of the challengers showed up. All the parties presented arguments, Ashley and Angela served as witnesses, and the ordeal was done around 2 PM. Final written arguments must be submitted to the arbitrator by June 6 (our lawyer will submit something brief, and we’ll see what the challenger comes up with).


Movie Night Debrief – No one showed up to meet Gloria at the Darkside. We’re beginning to think this isn’t a really popular social event.


GTFF Rally – Ashley will be working from Eugene tomorrow, to do her own stuff during the work-in and to support them at their rally. Béatrice would also like to go but would need a ride. We’ll email the rep list after bargaining to see if anyone else is interested.


Social Hour – We had scheduled it for this next Sunday, May 25. We’ve since learned that Bombs Away is not even open Sundays. Looks like it’s cancelled.


EOY BBQ – We still like the idea of serving lots of pulled pork in crock pots and having a variety of salads. Kris recommends a certain brand of veggie burgers from Costco (although he can’t remember the name).


Meeting not “adjourned” but we’re done around 10:40 AM.


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